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Expert Refrigerator Repair Near Santa Rosa, CA

Your refrigerator is responsible for keeping your food fresh, but when it’s not working correctly, you may find your food expires quickly. You need fast, reliable fridge repair close to Santa Rosa, CA, to restore function and ensure your groceries don’t go bad prematurely. North Bay Appliance Repair offers the high-quality, dependable service you need. Our team can diagnose and repair all major brands, giving you confidence that your refrigerator can keep up with your family’s demands.

All Types of Fridge Repair

Individuals choose many types of refrigerators for their homes. No matter what style you have, our experienced technicians are fully equipped to provide the necessary repairs. Whether you need refrigerator repair, freezer repair, or ice maker repair near Santa Rosa, CA, you can trust we will give you dependable service with upfront, transparent pricing to guarantee you get the best repairs at the right price. We are your go-to source for keeping your refrigerator in peak working condition.

Considered to us as one of the most important Appliances in your home is our top priority on service calls due to the fact of possible food spoilage, please check these simple things, as it may be the cause of your fridge not working properly:
• Check the fridge is plugged in or is there power in the outlet connected
• Check the fridge is turned on
• Check the temperature setting set correctly
• Is the door closing correctly or was it left cracked open for a long period of time?
• Refrigerators depend a lot on air flow so if there’s to many boxes or items blocking or crowding air vents it may not be able to distribute cold as it is meant to. Please check and redistribute items to correct this if necessary
• Refrigerator coils underneath or on the back of it are dirty
IF THE FREEZER COMPARTMENT IS WARM OR FOOD INSIDE MELTED please call immediately to set up an appointment as this indicate a more serious problem.


• If your ice maker is not working properly and your fridge is equipped with a water filter please make sure your filter was replaced within 6 months, Old Water filters are one of the most common issue for a Non-working ice maker.
• Make sure ice maker is set to the ON position

We’re Always Ready to Answer the Call

You can trust our appliance repair experts close to Santa Rosa, CA, to rescue you whenever your refrigerator, freezer, or ice maker isn’t working correctly. We know how to diagnose the problem and arrive equipped to handle most jobs, giving you peace of mind that your fridge will work how it should when we’re done. We guarantee our repairs, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of your refrigerator without worries.

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