Terms & Conditions

NorthBay Appliance Repair
Terms and Conditions

Appliance Repair Company: North Bay Appliance Repair, Santa Rosa CA
Property Owner/Representative/Paying Party:
Property Address:
Service available Monday-Friday ~ No weekend appointments available ~ Closed all major holidays

Service call fee/Hourly rates: The service call appointment fee for coming to a property is $95.
Rates are billed per job not by the hour, however if a job needs to be itemized for invoicing purposes standard and domestic appliance units/brands will be billed at $95/hour; premium/commercial appliances units/brands will be billed at $160/hour. Half of the total estimate including the service fee is due upfront at time of service, the remainder to be paid when the job is completed.

Missed Appointment/Appointment Time: Cancellations must be received within 48 hours prior to the earlier time provided for the service call appointment in order to avoid the $95 service call fee.
For example, if a service call appointment is scheduled for a window time of 3pm to 5pm, cancellation of the service appointment must be received no later than 3pm two business days prior to the service appointment.

Inadvertent Repairs: Certain tests that may be run during a service call appointment may “reset” the appliance and can result in repair of the problem with the appliance (an “inadvertent repair”). Inadvertent repairs are considered a repair of the appliance and our minimum repair charge, in
addition to the $95 service call appointment fee, will apply.

Limited Warranty: North Bay Appliance Repair warrants its labor for 60 days from the date of the repair, North Bay Appliance Repair does not warrant any material, parts or equipment purchased from manufacturers utilized in such repairs. All materials, parts and equipment are subject to any manufacturer’ or supplier’ warranties, if applicable. North Bay Appliance Repair makes no other warranties, express or implied and its agents or technicians are not authorized to make any such warranties on behalf of North Bay Appliance Repair.

Special Orders: It is agreed that if there are any special orders/non-returnable part orders needed for the repair on said property and the repair is cancelled after such a repair order has been made, that the customer may be subject to re-stocking and/or shipping fees, plus the cost of the part to the extent not refundable. In the case of a nonrefundable part that is purchased by North Bay Appliance Repair on behalf of the customer prior to the customer’s cancellation of services, North Bay Appliance Repair will send the part to the customer upon receipt of all amounts due under these Terms and Conditions.

Electronic Parts: Sometimes there is no way of knowing if there are other electronics needed without fixing the initial issue requiring repair. If that is the case or we know that it may be a possibility, we do try to forewarn all our customers prior to ordering. However, sometimes we cannot be aware of this until after the fact. In any event, electronic components including, but not limited to, electronic panels, displays or control boards are non-refundable after they are installed even
if the appliance is not fully repaired by such replacement.

Non-Payment of Fees: Customer agrees to pay all the following where applicable: (i) any unpaid balance upon completion of the repair (subject to these Terms and Conditions); (ii) one percent (1%) per month (prorated to a daily rate) on any unpaid balance; (iii) a $35 administrative fee if a check or
credit card is not honored by the bank; (iv) a $35 cancellation fee for any cancelled jobs where parts are already on order in addition to any other amounts owed under these Terms and Conditions; and
(v) any collection costs of collection incurred by North Bay Appliance Repair related to any unpaid balances, including attorney’s fees filing fees, and court costs.

Waiver of Damages When Moving Appliance: Customer understands that there is inherent risk when moving appliances. There is risk of damage to the machine itself, and to areas surrounding its installation, including but not limited to flooring, walls, cabinetry and counter tops. Customer acknowledges the technician is not required to move the appliance but may do so if necessary for the repair. Customer hereby waives any such damage and agrees to hold harmless both the technician and North Bay Appliance Repair and each of its affiliates, owners, agents and employees (the “Released Parties”) from any liability associated with any such damage that occurs in connection
with moving appliances. To the extent Customer is not the owner of the property, or to the extent any third party brings a claim for damage caused in whole or in part from the movement of appliances, Customer hereby agrees to indemnify the Released Parties from and against any such claims, including attorney fees and court costs.

Waiver of Damages from Failed Cooling Equipment/Water damage: Customer hereby acknowledged that, like any machinery, refrigeration equipment consists of a multiplicity of complex components, any of which can fail without warning, and that any effort to service and/or repair such a unit poses inherent risks. Diagnoses are not always straightforward. Even when carefully performed, attempts to repair any cooling equipment and/or service may involve imperfections that result in failure of the machinery to perform as intended. Such failures may lead to food spoilage. Customer acknowledges that, by undertaking to service and/or repair such an appliance, North Bay Appliance is not accepting responsibility for any such risks. By allowing our technicians to commence work, you explicitly waive the right to any food spoilage claims/loss of food. Customer further acknowledges that with any appliance that is connected to the property’s plumbing system, there is an inherent risk that component failure, imperfect connections and/or other faults could result in unintended leakage and/or flooding within the property. Customer hereby waives any claim for damages caused by water and promises to hold harmless both the technician and the Released Parties from any and all damages, harms or liability that may result from such an occurrence. To the extent Customer is not the owner of the property, or to the extent any third party brings a claim for damage caused in whole or in part from water damage, Customer hereby agrees to indemnify the Release Parties from and against any such claims, including attorney fees and court costs.

Please send a response on whether you accept or deny these Terms and Conditions of service and we will proceed to schedule service.